Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报; 钩针编织回潮篇:古老手艺,钩出新意

Article showcases a few local makers driving the return of crochet art.

L'OFFICIEL Singapore: Hooking onto comfort

Featuring local brands and makers doing creative crochet work, and how taking up crafts during the pandemic has improved these artist's mental wellbeing.

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FEMALE magazine: A day in the life of crochet artist Lydia Kok

This 22-year-old juggles work as a textile print designer for home-grown fashion giant Love, Bonito in the day and – in her free time –Peachier Studios. The latter is an independent label specialising in whimsical crocheted accessories and beaded jewellery started by Kok and co-founders Hazyra Halim and Miyuki Tsuji last year.

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voco Hotel Popup Collaboration

voco hotels – a premium collection brand from IHG Hotels & Resorts – will present its first pop-up in Singapore along Orchard Road. Consumers will be able to access collaboration content produced by local creatives and brands at the pop-up.

Peachier studios was honoured to have converted the popup into a set for our shoot. We were even greeted by passerbys who also joined in to be a part of the shoot.

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Invade Maker's Market Panel discussion session

Peachier studios was invited to be part of a panel of local creatives and entrepreneurs to share about our journey.