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'Peach Kelly' print by Hazyra

'Peach Kelly' print by Hazyra

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Finally we are selling prints again!🥳 The illustrations in here contains past tokens, our original designs (can you spot them?) and one of our mascots - Benben! (aka Lydia's cat). The motifs mean a lot to us because it represents our journey thus far, so we hope you can enjoy them too!


Illustrated by our co-founder, Hazyra.



Comes in 3 sizes. Get a small one to have near your desk or a big one to really see all the details!



Who or what is a Peach Kelly? Peach Kelly was supposed to become our fictional mascot and muse as she would possess all the traits of our ideal customer, and we would somewhat build our brand and style around her. She was a random character that appeared and even made it to our brand documents circa 2019, but of course was quickly swept under the covers after. We took her quite seriously, so we just laugh about her now.

So this is her cringeworthy return or perhaps her true form, we'll never know. Anyways we are sure we'll find another better place for her someday..


(Please note that this does not come in a drawstring pouch, wearable pieces only!)


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