• Miyuki

    Fashion creative and freelance florist based in Singapore. Seeking, curious and always excited about new ways of creating tactile & visual wonder. Miyuki's eclectic approach comes from a collage of different imagery/materials and a reimagination of familiar objects and silhouettes.


    Miyuki designs and makes the classic crochet cake hats, scrunchies and clothes you see on Peachier! Bring on the crazy colours and fabrics!

  • Lydia

    Fashion creative and full-time textile print designer. Lydia interprets personal outlooks into an eclectic blend of textiles and prints, rethinking various craft techniques into contemporary designs. Currently, she works in the fashion industry, which influences her personal work to illustrate the nuance of craft and the time invested that engages the audience with concepts of material and cultural sustainability.


    Lydia makes the crochet pouches, accessories, mixed fabric crochet hats and masks that you see on Peachier!

  • Hazyra

    Hazyra Halim is a full time art teacher, a freelance illustrator and fashion designer. Her artworks are of a storybook-like whimsical weirdness in bright neons and pastels. Peachier is her escape where she puts imaginations into handmade jewellery - like Peachier's classic croissant accessories, sailor hats and prints!


    She enjoys honing young kids' self expression in art through fashion design and clay making. She also likes cakes and cats (especially Suki, her little white fluff ball).

Get to know us!

The brand is founded by Lydia, Miyuki and Hazyra. Entering into a formal fashion school route from distinct backgrounds, we are a small team who share a similar passion for exploring crafts, textiles and prints. The brand’s unique aesthetic is a melting pot of all three of our voices.